Monday, June 28, 2010

The Care and Keeping of Bare Feet

One thing that caused me to stall going for a barefoot run for the first time was the idea of how dirty the sidewalks must be.  I walk my dog out there, and for that alone, a person of a genteel nature might hesitate.  I've seen people spit on the sidewalks., smokers flick ashes on the sidewalks, people dump drinks on the sidewalks. It's not something a woman wants to encounter.

But I also realized there are probably tons of germs, maybe even more disgusting things, on the grocery store shopping carts.  So, maybe I can just wash my feet more often -- like I wash my hands.

I'm starting to develop a little after-care routine for my feet.  I throw a little towel down on the floor first:

This gives me something to set my wet feet on so I don't slip on the kitchen floor tile.

Next I get a bit of stretching in, because lifting my feet up there is a feat.

I have a foot scrub brush upstairs.  I want to get a downstairs one.  (Mental note: purchase a downstairs foot brush)

I know some people will wince at the thought that I'm using the kitchen sink.  I' probably shouldn't.  But I do scrub it thoroughly afterwards!  I like the kitchen sink because it has a removal spray head.

Well, the very last thing is that I'm using Aquaphor on my heels and around the edges of my feet where it's getting a bit of tougher skin.

The aquaphor is very soothing, and I know from using it in other ways that it does seem to be able to condition and repair dry skin.

That's all for now.  Just part of the journey.  All these little aspects of changing to a barefoot runner.


Barefoot Superhero said...

I lover your posts Frances. Keep them coming. It was great to meet you Wednesday.

Avocational Singer said...

Thank you, Barefoot Superhero! Nice to meet you as well!