Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vibrams or Barefoot Today?

I still have those tiny little abrasions on my left foot and it is time to go run again. (I'm running a mile 3x a week and my goal is "consistency" right now.)

The question is whether to use my Vibrams or not today.  I really was looking forward to more barefoot running, but the adult in me says to just wear Vibrams today to protect the little sore spots from dirt and bacteria.

However, the kid in me says, "I want to run barefoot."

I had my husband look at the little cuts and he says they are just fine.  They are so tiny.  Like a dot.  I can't feel them when I walk, even walking barefoot around the house.  I only found out they were there when I was washing my feet and I felt soreness when I rubbed the spots where they were.

As I was writing this blog, I decided to go out and try to take pictures of the little abrasions.  I think the photos actually came out a little interesting -- totally by accident.

I told my runner friend I started a blog to journal about my barefoot running and I told her that I posted pictures of my feet and she said, "I would NEVER post pictures of my feet on the Internet!"


ac said...

mine look worse than that.
I think it is a normal part of the process.
Like with everything else in running, you have to stress your body in order to make it get stronger.
I have had lots of skin peel off and it grows back tougher.
I am up to 1-2 miles every day now. My feet look terrible, but feel great

Avocational Singer said...

Hi, ac. I decided to go out in my Vibrams today to give it time to grow back a little. I'm still a beginner, and I'm very enthusiastic about this, but the last thing I want is to have to give it up because I was too eager and didn't give it enough time to heal up stronger.