Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blog Games!

Something very ridiculous has happened.  A fellow barefoot blog friend, Neil Z, has tiptoed over the cyber-space between our blogs and tagged me in a cupcake game.

Now, let me tell you, I had another blog for a year, and I never encountered anything like the fun and games going on over in barefoot blogland.  No, I was over in music blogland.  Although I was trying to be somewhat serious over there, I admit that sometimes I was a bit of a clown in my attempt to free myself as a musician and not take myself so seriously.  I'm not sure whether my music blog over there was respected or laughed at, but at any rate, I have enjoyed the past year of posting and interacting with the readers of that blog.

But I had no idea that over here in barefoot land they were having all kinds of contests and give-aways and playing cupcake tag late at night in their bare feet.  In fact I thought barefoot people would be very serious because they'd all be worried about stepping on pieces of glass or something.

I am realizing that once you take your shoes off and start feeling the ground, a very silly side starts to come out.  Or was the silly side there anyway and that's why it was easy to embrace running barefoot?

I once wrote a post over on my other blog about how I needed to become more playful.  (Hmmm, I think the videos that go with that post may be down because I took my youtube account down at one point.  I'd better fix that at some point.)

So, to be more playful, should I actually indulge in this cupcake tag game?

When you are a barefoot runner, you do feel quite alone at times, and it does feel good to connect with everyone.  But if I don't play the cupcake game, can I still be in the barefoot club?

I mean, I am pretty serious person in a lot of ways.  I don't play farmville on facebook, or poke people, or look for easter eggs.  I play serious word games: scrabble and lexulous and that's about it. But I find those word games very fun.

I just had no idea about the blog games.

But ... but ..  what if ... what if one of my serious friends comes over to my barefoot blog and sees me running barefoot with pink cupcakes in my arms all over the internet?

(OTOH, could that be any worse than seeing pictures of me wash my feet in my kitchen sink?)

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