Monday, December 27, 2010

Barefoot in the Snow -- Take 2

We had a big blizzard today.  Really big.  When I opened the front door to bring Daffodil out this morning, both of us kind looked on in wonder.

My little tootsies came right up to the threshold of the door.  I really wanted to just see if I could walk in it barefoot.
 It felt so freezing that I chickened out and put my boots on
But I was just so curious, I couldn't give up the thought that I'd just like to walk through the snowdrift on the porch, just to see what it was like.  So ... I decided to step out of my boots.
First one barefoot step:
Then another:
Then I quickly ran across the snow drift.  I thought I might leave behind a set of barefoot footprints to take a picture for my blog, but I forgot that Daffodil would be following and leaving little paw prints in the snow too.
It was absolutely freezing, and I thought that there was no way I would ever want to go run in this.  And stupid me forgot to roll my pant legs up, so they got snow all over them. And they were a little damp later on while in the drafty house.

I didn't go running today.  I have a treadmill downstairs and I didn't go on that either.  (I have never really used that treadmill, and have been hoping I will never have to.)

So, it would seem like this blizzard marks the end of my barefoot running for the season.  I will have to go out sometime this week for the first time in Vibrams (the only minimal shoe I own at this point).

I have actually decided that if I consider running in minimal shoes a completely separate sport from barefoot running, that perhaps it could be considered cross-training.  For some reason, psychologically, I like the idea of "cross training" in Vibrams better than seeing it as part of my barefoot running.

However, I do still have some curiosities left in me.  Maybe it only felt so horrible because it was the first day?  Maybe it wouldn't feel as horrible if I was actually running and building up body heat?  Maybe if I was dressed more warmly on top with hat and gloves and never stopped moving?  Maybe, instead of being the end, maybe this little run through the snow drift on the front porch was a good start?


Anonymous said...

I have NO idea how people run in the snow! My feet freeze in the 30's. I've pretty much decided I'll be minimal this winter.

Claire said...

Great pictures! I ran a half mile barefoot tonight and only a few steps of it were in the snow....tooo cold for me! Can't wait to hear what you think of the Vibrams!