Sunday, December 26, 2010

Time Travel -- How I Learned About Barefoot Running

While we're having a big blizzard outside, I thought I'd share with you a blast from the past -- a blast from when readers of Barefoot Fresca did not know me.

I was actually learning about and contemplating barefoot running a long time before I took my first steps out to try it.  I read the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall way back in January or February of 2009.  On my other blog, Avocational Singer, I wrote a post about some thoughts on barefoot running almost an entire year before I tried it.  It was so interesting for me to go back and read that, knowing that I did not know I was in the future going to become a barefoot runner.  Back then I was just thinking.

Here is the post if you'd like to check it out.

"What is Natural"

Disclaimer -- You all know that we have Amazon Associates connected with blogger.  When I write the name of a book, I use the link from Amazon Associates and if you click on the link and bought the book I, like all other blogger bloggers who use it would get some money.  I do not write this blog to make money at all.  I use google adsense because I like the way you get to analyze who visits and stuff.  I use Amazon Associates because I read a lot of books and I like to talk about them, and I like to link to them if anyone is interested.  It kind of makes sense that if I'm linking to them anyway, I might as well go ahead and use the Amazon Associates link.

Anyway, if I wanted to make money on the blog, I would do way more things than use adsense and stuff.  I would buy a book, "How to make money on your blog for dummies" and would read up and study it and try out different things and draw up contracts and get advertisers, etc....

But I read that bloggers are supposed to put disclaimers when they're using links like the Amazon Associate one, so this is my disclaimer.

I like to read a lot.  I only post books on here that I'm reading and quote things I find inspiring in the books.  I don't get paid anything and don't get any free books, and no one has asked me to review or mention their books. Just wanted to let you all know that.

If anything ever changes with that, I'd let you all know that too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this view through your "time machine"--back to when you were thinking about barefoot running. That blog post was thoughtful and thought-provoking...

...but quite different from your current posts. Your current posts are (to me) much more engaging because they are so much more immediate. You're not "thinking" any more about running barefoot; you're actually DOING it!

Congratulations on the many steps you've taken! Thanks for bringing us along on your journey.