Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Countdown to Kung Fu Black Sash Test -- Day 3

Running out of pictures that have to do with Kung Fu.  Had to dig into files from 4 years ago and find a picture at one of our first belt graduations.  Looks like I just got my yellow belt here (and yes, that is an American Flag you see in the background..)

We didn't wear those white uniforms for too long before we moved to the intermediate level and bought our black pants and cool black T-shirts.

My last workout for the week before the black sash test was tonight and it was at a beginner class where they were wearing the white uniforms.  As part of the black sash training we have to "role model" at a beginner class.  The funny part about that is I am always humbled by those people learning in the white uniforms.  They always seem so much better than I am.

Because the beginner workout is lighter, it was necessary to jack up the intensity and work at a high energy level.  This is not my forte -- deliberately performing an activity at a higher intensity level when it can be done perfectly fine at a lower one -- but if I didn't use this last workout on the agenda to work hard, the black sash test on Friday was going to be harder.

Now I won't do any more working out until the test.  Maybe I'll go for a little barefoot run tomorrow morning but that's it.  I will imagine my muscles gaining just a tad little bit of strength as I sleep tonight, and then that will be it.  That will be the most I could do before the test.

I could have made this easier on myself by training a little better.  I could have made this easier on myself by losing some weight.  I could have made this easier on myself by not missing a single class these past six months.  I could have practiced and worked out more at home on my own. But, in the midst of all the business of life, I did what I could.  I've been through the "I could have ..." stage of this process and have arrived at the acceptance stage that I am what I am at this point and my performance on Friday will reflect that.

All I'll be able to bring to the test will be how much I've achieved thus far.  If it's not good enough, then I will have to wait.  If it's good enough, then I'll pass and move on to some higher training.


Claire said...

Best of luck to you! I am certain you'll do fine and can't wait to hear about it!!

Avocational Singer said...

Thank you, Claire! This is the hardest physical thing I've tried to do so far. For sure I'll be letting you and everyone know how it all goes down!