Friday, July 30, 2010

My 20th Barefoot Mile!

Today was my 20th barefoot mile. (actually 20.25, but who is measuring/counting/keeping track?)

I cut off a quarter mile lollipop loop that I had added last time to see if that helped the little sore bone issues on the left foot.

It felt much better to step back that little bit.  It may seem like only a little bit, but that's because this is barefoot, and I'm learning that barefoot increases are greater than they would be if I had made the increase in shoes.

So, as mentally and cardiovascularly ready as I feel to increase distance, my feet are telling me to stick with the mile and quarter for just a bit more.

I also got some pointers on my last post from  Barefoot Josh about posture and bent knees. I got them too late to observe for today's run, but I will keep them in mind for Monday. I am grateful for the help.

Today when I got out there, I ran into two friends of mine out for a brisk walk together. One of the two friends has in the past been an avid runner.  When I first excitedly told her I was going to a barefoot running workshop many weeks ago, she had expressed disapproval.

Well, today, I said hello to my friends, and blurted out something like, "oh, I know you disapprove, but I'm doing it barefoot."  That was a mistake. I should have just said hello. I guess I felt a little nervous about the disapproving friend.  I made a decision then and there never to mention my bare feet unless someone brought it up first.

My friend said, "It's not that I disapprove, it's that I worry about tetanus."

"Oh," I laughed back, and I made a silly joke about it.  But I do not think tetanus is a joke.

As I proceeded on to my barefoot run, I began to think that it would be really nice to just join in with the normal moms and walk every morning.  There they were, going their way, having a proper vigorous healthful daily walk on the boulevard together, and there was I, going the other, in my weird bare feet.  I could just turn around, put on some sensible New Balance walking shoes (not those silly gorilla feet), and walk along and gossip and be healthful, and then go for a cup of coffee afterward.  Or I could go do that risky barefoot thing.

Believe me when I tell you this, I really am not doing this to be different or attract attention.  I just feel very strongly that it is the right thing to do.  It also feels like something I'm destined to do.  I almost can't help myself.  From the moment I first heard about barefoot running, to the moment I first tried it, something seemed to be pulling me along.  Once I had the information, it all made sense.  Now that I'm experiencing it, it makes even more sense.  I just have to follow this way right now.  Even though I'm at the very beginnings of it, I feel a current pulling me along.

I took a picture before I set out today.  This is what I look like with my dog, my little running pack stuffed with essentials -- doggie bags, paper towels, hand sanitizer, cell phone, keys -- and my bare feet.

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ac said...

that's great! You have the 2 most important qualities for a runner: dedication and patience. I wish I had your patience, I would be so much more healthy.
Keep it up. In a few years, you will be running 20 barefoot miles in a DAY!