Monday, July 12, 2010

Still a Beginner -- Yet Another Barefoot Mile

I am striving for consistency right now, so maybe this blog will be a little boring as I go from barefoot-mile-run to barefoot-mile-run.

But it is never the same mile, even when I take the same route.

Today I saw open safety pins on the sidewalk, but did not step on them.  Yay!

Today a woman runner passed me and called out "Get some Vibram Fivefingers" and I called back "I already have some."  I hoped I didn't sound smug.  I take my humble place at the bottom rung very happily.  But I guess I was a little quick on the uptake to let her know I knew about Vibrams and that I was choosing barefoot intelligently.  Sheesh!  Who cares!  Well, that may just be part of the zen of barefoot too.  Not feeling any need whatsoever to explain anything to anyone at all, and just being neutral about what they say and what you think they think.  In fact, getting to the state where you don't even think they think anything would be really fine!

Everything feels good.  Soles, Feet, Ankles, Calves, Knees, Hips, Lower Back, Lungs and Breathing.  Even doggie is getting used to my pace and regulating herself so that the leash is loose and my leash arm can be more relaxed.  Everything feels pretty good.


Nekane said...

I have just started the barefoot thing when I ran into your blog. I like that you're true about your thoughts as well. Like you were at this point, I am 220 at 17. Overweight. I am big-boned, but having an extra 70+ pounds on me feels awful at times. I must agree with you on the lower extremity feeling good. I always walk in flip-flops, and I rarely wear my walking tennis shoes anymore unless its really cold out, which isn't often down here in North Carolina.
My older sister doesn't understand why either, even in the rain I walk in flip-flops!

Avocational Singer said...

Nekane, Hi and welcome! I have written quite a bit on this blog about the issue of carrying extra weight on my frame and going barefoot. I think people who have extra weight to carry need stronger feet to carry that weight. Elsewhere on this blog I write about how I think I made my feet weaker by wearing super supportive shoes for lots of years. Although I think it will be healthier for me to reduce the amount of weight I carry around, in the meantime I need to be strong to bear my own weight.