Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New 5K Goal

I wrote yesterday about a decision not to run in a 5K I signed up for (Not Ready to Race).

Well, it turns out that a friend of mine, ran in that race and posted it in a FB status update.  I was so happy and congratulated her and sent her a link to my blog post in case she wanted to hear my "story" about the race.

Well, that lead to her telling me about another local 5K coming up at the end of October.  I think, based on the way things seem to be going, that ought to be quite do-able.  So I have signed up for it.

Now, the mystery is -- Will I be running it barefoot?  Will they let me run it barefoot?  Should I aim to run it barefoot?  Should I make it a conscious goal?  No!  No, I just can't!  But ... but .... what will happen?  The way this barefoot thing pulls me along, there is no telling what I'll be doing in October.  If there is one thing this barefoot quest is teaching me it is that:  I do not know.


BamaBarefooter said...

Yes, you should run barefoot. I ran my first barefoot race last October. I was so self conscious about it. During the run, I got a lot of attention. Cheers, omg's, "your my hero", and quite often "Look at the barefoot guy". It felt like I had my own cheering section. Maybe one or two mildly negative comments were said, but not directly to me. I've run five more races since then and it's just gotten better. One race, I had people lining up to ask questions and almost missed the start.

Avocational Singer said...

Wow, BamaBare, you make it sounds so fun and interesting. I wouldn't really want a cheering section, nor am I doing it to particularly attract attention, especially since I'm so slow, I wouldn't really want anyone who noticed to also notice me coming in dead last in my bare feet. I don't think I'd be a great ambassador for barefoot that way.

Even though I am an absolute beginner at this, however, I have already attracted the attention of a small few in my social circle merely because I'm the first one they've seen try it. In the spirit of keeping my "place" of breaking ground in my little corner of the world I suppose I ought not to back off from trying a race barefoot.

We shall see what develops!