Monday, June 6, 2011

Countdown to Kung Fu Black Sash Test -- Day 1

Today's plan was to run.  Run barefoot, of course.

But I got called to sing a funeral in the morning, so was planning to run when I came home from that, a little worried that the pavement would be hot.

But as I was getting ready to go sing I got the horrible aura of a migraine -- shimmery jagged lights in my vision.  My DH, who happened to be home, gave me an osteopathic adjustment to my neck, which often keeps the headache from coming.  I got through the funeral and never got the headache, but still felt pretty crummy and had to lay down for several hours.

I only get these dumb migraines about four times a year but I was upset that it spoiled my training plan for the week.

So, I had to force myself to go out and run in the evening.

I felt really out of it because of the migraine, and I really did not want to go out there.  But I kept thinking of that test on Friday -- a three hour test of endurance that I'm not even sure I'll be able to pass.  I knew that this run was important to get in to at least help maintain my aerobic conditioning.

So, I tricked myself.  I told myself that I was only going out for a walk.

It worked.

It is very tricky running out there in the evenings.  There are tons of joggers out there bouncing up and down in their springy running shoes.  There are also lots of fitness walkers with their sweatshirts tied around their waists and their water bottles swinging at their sides.  There are also lots of people walking dogs and talking on cell phones, and families with kids in all kinds of riding contraptions.

In all that, weaving in and out of the people with my little dog, not one person seemed to notice or even blink an eye about the fact that I was out there running barefoot.  In that way I enjoyed it tremendously because we were all just out there doing our thing, whatever it happened to be.  I have a friend who gets hostile comments in the urban neighborhood where he runs, so I feel very blessed to have this place here.

On the way back, I was blessed also with being able to see the most beautiful sky.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera or phone with me to take a picture for you all, so I'll use one I took from a couple of nights ago.  Stay tuned with me all week as I go through the final workouts before my black sash test on Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your black sash test!

Avocational Singer said...

Thank you, Ken!