Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kung Fu Black Sash -- A Second Chance

I'm getting a second chance.

I was called in for a meeting with Sifu tonight.

He gave me a choice.  I could come in later this week on the one night that was available for this, take the kung fu class that night, then gear up for sparring and spar whoever is there for the sparring class that follows.

Or, I could wait for cycle training next year.

My choice.

I have already told you -- and I told my Sifu tonight -- that I already feel that I succeeded.  I feel that I succeeded with my goals and objectives and my training.  I do already feel like a black sash, because, like they say all the time, it's something you define for yourself and you possess it within you.  It's not the piece of material or the recognition or award.

So, now, after having had to process what happened at the test, I can have one more chance.  If I pass later this week, then I can be a black sash at the black sash graduation this weekend.  I can stand with my classmates who all started with me four years ago,

I can lay any doubts I have left to rest if I test later this week.

Or, I can wait a year.

I have to let him know tomorrow (which is now today because I didn't post this last night).

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