Saturday, October 30, 2010

Barefoot CaveWoman 5K Race Report

Me have really great time at fun tribal festival race today.

First, husband make picture back at cave home of Barefoot CaveWoman ready to run.HoBooken Race 0031a

Come, husband!  Not be late for race!

Barefoot CaveWoman feel cold.  Hopes big sun disk warms up ground so feet don’t hurt.

Barefoot CaveWoman is happy outfit matches falling tree leaves.  Barefoot CaveWoman likes outfits to match seasons.

Barefoot CaveWoman believes idea of layering for seasonal warmth will catch on. Become classic!

Barefoot CaveWoman arrives at big race She take big look around.  Race by big river.  Lots of people. Much competition for food.

Barefoot CaveWoman confused by strange foot coverings on people at race.

HoBooken Race 0046 HoBooken Race 0035 HoBooken Race 0036 HoBooken Race 0039

Barefoot CaveWoman see people attach funny thing on foot coverings.  Barefoot CaveWoman attach funny thing to ankle.

HoBooken Race 0034a HoBooken Race 0032a

Barefoot Cavewoman take a look at starting path for race.

HoBooken Race 0041 HoBooken Race 0042

Time to line up. Barefoot CaveWoman look for husband. Husband wearing disguise.  Husband no want foot-cover people see him with cave wife. Barefoot CaveWoman recognize husband. Gives picture-making box to husband.

HoBooken Race 0038a

Husband try to make picture of Barefoot CaveWoman starting race. He try and try.  Good man!  But no Barefoot CaveWoman in pictures. Man in red coat in all pictures look like Barefoot CaveWoman’s father, but no way.  Father is far away.

 HoBooken Race 0049 HoBooken Race 0050 HoBooken Race 0053 HoBooken Race 0054 HoBooken Race 0055 HoBooken Race 0056 HoBooken Race 0057 HoBooken Race 0059HoBooken Race 0058

Barefoot CaveWoman start race. Ask friendly foot-cover person to make picture with Droid communication box:

HoBooken Race Droid 02

Barefoot CaveWoman start back of pack.  Feet Cold.  Hard surface hurt when feet cold.  Barefoot CaveWoman keep going. Many many people pass Barefoot CaveWoman.  But Barefoot CaveWoman use technique.  Foot-cover people moving very fast, flow like river around Barefoot CaveWoman. Barefoot CaveWoman know what to do.

Barefoot CaveWoman know it get better after one mile.  At one mile, big sun disc shining on path.  Path warms Barefoot CaveWoman feet.  Barefoot CaveWoman now like rhythmic antelope.  Barefoot CaveWoman run on smooth yellow line as many times as possible to save feet.

Barefoot CaveWoman look around.  Some people walking.  Barefoot CaveWoman just keep running.  Nice people with shoe covering give Barefoot CaveWoman water.  Water people like clothes of Barefoot CaveWoman.  Everyone friendly; nice.  Some mean women frown at Barefoot CaveWoman.  Barefoot CaveWoman think women jealous of seasonal colors.

After turn-around, Barefoot Cavewoman hear Big Dracula Man coming with Little Dracula Man son.  Big Dracula Man say, “There’s a CaveWoman.”  Little Dracula Man say, “Why is she running barefoot?”

Big Dracula Man tell story-legend to Little Dracula Man. “There was runner from Africa one time.  They try to make him put on foot coverings to run big race.  Man from Africa try to run with foot coverings.  Get Blisters.  So, Man from Africa take off foot coverings and run barefoot and win shiny gold medal prize.”

Barefoot CaveWoman smile.  She like to hear Father tell tribe legend story to Son.

Big Dracula Man and Little Dracula man pass Barefoot CaveWoman and ask about bare feet.  Barefoot CaveWoman tell them to visit blog cave where she paint barefoot stories and pictures on cave wall.  She tell them where to find blog cave.

Barefoot CaveWoman see woman hold big sign that says “2.”  Man shouts out “27:53”

What!?!  Barefoot CaveWoman run faster than last time?!?  Barefoot CaveWoman feel good.

But then Barefoot CaveWoman start to feel tired.  Home seems long time away.  Then Barefoot CaveWoman hears magic voice in head. “You can do this. It’s only The Barefoot Mile.”

Barefoot CaveWoman smile!  Yes!  Barefoot CaveWoman knows what that is. Barefoot CaveWoman can run The Barefoot Mile!

Meanwhile, Barefoot CaveWoman husband at finish line making lots of pictures of runners.

HoBooken Race 0074 HoBooken Race 0061a HoBooken Race 0063 HoBooken Race 0064a HoBooken Race 0069a HoBooken Race 0072a HoBooken Race 0073a

Finally, he see Barefoot CaveWoman coming far away.

HoBooken Race 0075a

Take closer look.  Foot-cover woman with hat helping runners at end of race.

HoBooken Race 0075b

Barefoot CaveWoman see husband.  Barefoot CaveWoman start waving club.

HoBooken Race 0076

Barefoot CaveWoman make bigger better painting back at Barefoot CaveBlog:

HoBooken Race 0076a

After race, Barefoot Cavewoman husband very tired from picture-making.  But Barefoot Cavewoman need pictures of feet bottoms for blog cave.

HoBooken Race Droid 06

Barefoot CaveWoman surprised.  Little stone embedded in ball of foot and little blood spot under stone.  Barefoot CaveWoman never felt little stone.  Do not worry. Barefoot CaveWoman will be okay.

Next Barefoot CaveWoman check race results.  Barefoot CaveWoman not last. Barefoot CaveWoman 17 from last of Barefoot CaveWoman run faster than last 5K race. 43:41.28 Pace 14:04

HoBooken Race 0078a

Barefoot CaveWoman very proud.

Barefoot CaveWoman also need make picture in front of big city caves.

HoBooken Race Droid 03


ac said...

Love it! Congrats on your PR!
Great report and great costume.

Neil Zee said...

NOT DFL!!! WOOT WOOT!!! Best Race Report!

Congrats on a great and fun race. DH looks nice too!

Ewa said...

Brave barefoot woman does well. Other barefoot tribespeople send congratulations.
Why are barefoot woman husband's feet all black and shiny?

Julie said...

Barefoot woman cracks me up!

Love the tribal legend story among it all too. Congrats on a good run, and good time. And not even knowing you had picked up a stone! Perhaps you were becoming a little too much of a cave woman there.

Junk Miler said...

I can't believe you got that club through security.

Great race! Your costume was awesome.

Avocational Singer said...

BFJ, I found out the next day that the club made a squeaky sound when you squeezed it. Daffodil really wanted the club after she heard that!