Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ready,Set – -- -- Costume!!

Once you take your shoes off, all kinds of crazy stuff starts to happen.

Like I would never have dressed up for the upcoming race I’m planning to participate in, the HoBooken 5K.  I gave up wearing costumes at Halloween a long time ago. (On the other hand, I gave up going barefoot outside a long time ago too!)

But I told you all that I came across this costume in a store and impulse-purchased it.

I have good sewing skills, and I probably could have made a costume, but I wouldn’t have because this just had to happen the way it did – spur of the moment – or I wasn’t about to get inspired.

I decided I’d better try this thing on before race day to determine if it was wearable or not (it is!)

I’m a little dismayed that the artificial color in the wig matched my own hair color a little too well (Ahem!)

The costume is lightweight, stretchy,  and really comfortable so I think it will do for a run.  This cave woman was/is obviously a good enough runner to catch plenty to eat for herself and her tribe, lol!  I’m not sure the wig will stay on.  I’ll have to pin it pretty well and I don’t know if I want to run with all those bobby-pins.  On the other hand, if it’s cold it will keep some heat in my body so my feet won’t suffer (you know how they always tell you you lost most of your heat out the top of your head!).

I laughed so hard when I saw myself in the mirror I just had to go outside and get some photos.

The next thing was trying to hold back from showing all of you.  I wanted to save it for an interesting blog post on race day.  But the photos came out so cute I didn’t want to wait.

So, here is a barefoot costume for my upcoming race!

Cave Woman 9960a Cave Woman 9955a  Cave Woman 9958a Cave Woman 9956a
I think my next step is going to have to be to go on the paleo diet or something.


Neil Zee said...

You are freaking hilarious! Barefooting is changing your life too!!! Its amazing isn't it!

ac said...

Ha! That's the perfect barefoot costume!

Ewa said...

Oh, this is so... Paleo. Super costume and you are funny.

Julie said...

What a perfect costume for barefoot running. Now, all you need is the car that runs on bare footpower.