Friday, October 1, 2010

Can I Run My 100th Mile at the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run?

It would be really really cool if I could run my 100th barefoot mile at the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run on 10/10/10.

Since it's pretty rainy out today, I thought I'd spend some time doing some calculations.

I have been running 3.2 miles every other day.  Even though I had thought of adding some running on my in-between "recovery" days back when I made my Fall plan, things have developed much differently than I had anticipated.  I had not expected to be a at a 5K distance yet when I made that plan.  I have needed the off day in between, although it has almost felt like I could add a barefoot mile on that off day.  I -- true to my cautious nature -- have been keeping the recovery day in there just to be safe.

And of course I've been more than religious about the not increasing distance more than 10% a week rule!

For my remaining 5 runs before the NYC Barefoot Race, I had planned to up my distance to 3.75 miles each time, hoping that completing two times around the Governor's Island course that day for a total of 4.2 miles would be achieved.

So, I'm already adding distance.

As you can see by my above calculations, all I would need to fit in before the NYC Barefoot Run would be 4.15 extra miles in order to run my 100th mile at the NYC Barefoot Run.

It is tempting.  It's not that much.  I could add two 2-mile runs on my "off days" and have the day before the run completely off.  I could run them really slowly.  (Ha!  Can I run slower than I am already running without walking?)

Would it be too much?

My goal is to be able to say:
"I ran my 100th Mile at the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run"
"I got a stress fracture at the 1st Annual NYC Barefoot Run."

What do you think?


Neil Zee said...

I think you'd surprise yourself on how easily you'll do it!

Anonymous said...

I think you can ABSOLUTELY do it.

You're not going to get a stress fracture from two more 2 mile runs darling... especially since you are running MORE than that on a consistent basis.
If you're really that worried, take it especially easy during those extra 2 runs.


Junk Miler said...

My advice: que sera, sera.